ASD 060/17500BE Shield Wax

ASD 060/17500BE Shield Wax ASD 060/17500BE Shield Wax

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• Wax Armor All Shield 500 ml. creates a super shield for the bodywork, pays more, most protects and shines more, lasting up to 10 washes. • ARMOR ALL brand • 500 ml. • protective shield for your vehicle • better than wax • gift with a sponge polishing and a Microfiber cloth • Super protective bodywork • pays more, protects most, shines more • lasts up to 10 washes • its protective shield prevents that is pege dirt and grime to the vehicle • applied after every wash reactive shield to maintain shine and protection for a maximum of 10 washes • spectacular brightness and long-lasting protection • Allows you to easily remove stains of dirt, grime, insects and tree SAP • provides amazing protection against water drops • reduces the time for rinsing and drying during the next wash • can be applied under direct sunlight or in cold • can be applied with all automotive finishes...